Peter Häntz Hair Care

Peter Häntz Hair Care Products have been the leading name in Permanent Waving Technology for more than thirty years.

Along with this technology, other great hair care products have been developed to maintain and repair the health of all hair types, bringing you into the new age of the millennium.

The year has brought us into a new age of ideas and concepts. Peter Häntz products are moving into the new age with new packaging & products with a bold gender friendly look appealing to all ages. Our new products utilize the finest ingredients to preserve your hair’s health.

There are many great things yet to come in the new millennium. Continually changing will mean success for you as a student or professional. As you go through each day make your efforts count, be all that you can be and be a Great Success!

Peter Häntz’ Products are Professional Salon Hair Care Products. They are manufactured in Tempe, Arizona.

Peter Häntz’ products are formulated to be used on all hair types. They condition, maintain health, beauty and styling ability for all types of hair.

Used properly and on a regular basis Peter Häntz’ products will improve the hair. The hair will become healthy. Healthy hair is full of body, bounce and shine, is less oily, less dry and brittle, and easier to manage and style.

All Peter Häntz’ products are gender friendly. In the past men were not as fashion conscious and they did not style their hair as they do today.

Various products are needed to maintain the styles chosen. These include the plain cut that was slicked back with hair oil, or long hair pulled back in a pony tail, or just straight hanging down with little or no style.

Madrid’s International Hair Care

Madrid Johnson is a consummate professional and is a recognized leader in the world of Cosmetology. He is an award-winning stylist with many accomplishments in his 39 years as a hairdresser.

Madrid is the author of the upcoming book Glamorous and Profitable. A entrepreneurial guide to starting and operating a lucrative beauty industry business. In 10 easy steps. Madrid is the vice president, director of education and chairman of the Hair Fashion committee for the California Cosmetology Association.

Madrid is the owner of Madrid International Bleu Champu salons and Bleu Champu Salon ready training center in Oakland California and Phoenix Arizona. He is the president of Madrid International Apprenticeship Training program. a on-the-job opportunity for students of Cosmetology. Madrid is also the Creator and manufacturer of Madrid’s exclusive hair care product line and Madrid Global texture relaxer straightening system.

Madrid is one of the most engaging Personalities in the hair care industry. He is an expert in all hair types and textures and specializes in ethnic hair care. He is a one-of-a-kind stylist, educator, motivator and dynamic platform artist.

Madrid is considered a damaged hair expert and is proficient at reconstructing hair that has been severely over-processed due to adverse chemical Services. His methods and approaches to hair results in healthier shinier Fuller and more luxurious hair.

Madrid’s motto is healthy hair is not a contact. It’s a way of life

From his salons Madrid and his staff services hundreds of patrons a week. He trains teaches and travels extensively presenting and introducing his Concepts, skills and wealth of product knowledge.

Our clients tell us what they need and want. We need to listen to what they are telling us.
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