Veloute 32oz and Recouvrer 8.3oz

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Nothing like feeling lucky, well this month you get to feel lucky and receive free product. When you order a 32oz Veloute Shampoo you receive a 8.3oz Recouvrer Conditioner free.

Recouvrér Protein Conditioner

About This Product

Recouvrér Protein Conditioner is formulated to strengthen your hair by using amino acids and hair proteins.  These proteins rebuild damaged hair at the follicles and reduces the chances of losing healthy hair.

Velouté Almond Milk Shampoo

About This Product

Velouté Almond Milk Shampoo is recommended for fragile, dry, permed or color treated hair. The blend of Lactic Protein, Esters of Almond Oil and Sea Kelp provide moisture emollients that are essential to hair elasticity.  While Vitamin E and Panthenol absorb into the hair to rebuild the cuticle and preserve hair health the pleasing aroma will entice your senses.

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